Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ted Turner

I dug out old video conferences and watched tape 2 of the positive training with Leslie Nelson, Ted Turner and Patty Ruzzo (sp?) series. Ted Turner's info is really good and a great reminder of things, and a new (old) perspective on things. There will be some changes in my programs and the classes as well as my own dogs' sessions.
One thing he discussed was why "Jackpotting" is a bad plan in training of any animal. Jackpots tend to make some behaviors a high motivation behavior and others a low motivation behavior and that makes sense. Why would a dog give you an enthusiasm for a behavior that pays minimum wage when another pays out like winning the lottery. I can see this in Trivia's down vs sit. She will throw herself into a down and a sit is like pulling teeth. I had used jackpotting to get downs way back when (she is 7) and sits were a low payout behavior. She downs like a fiend, stands and stands until she finally feels like sitting. The dilema is do I know go back do some jackpotting for sits at the risk of needing it for everything or a quick jackpot session to rev up a sit and then back to the same value for all behaviors? I can totally see why you would want equal value placed on all behaviors.
Today's plan is to do some tracking with Trivia, and maybe some fast sit sessions to get a more enthusiastic sitter.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Day Two of Paris' bark rehab

Thinking much of her barking is due to a bored and frustrated mind, I took Paris out to work weaves and did no luring but rather made her think what I needed. We worked them for about 10 minutes and did some teeter work. I then took her to the sand/gravel pit we were bidding a job on and let her run around in the pit working on "checking in and reorienting". She did a fantastic job. She run all over then come charging back and sit looking up at me. So she got a lot of click, praise, pet. The pit owner's wife had her Bichon/Papillion cross along, who Paris wanted to play with, and Paris did wonderful "leave it's" as the little dog was not as impressed with Paris as Paris was with her. She has been a bit a quieter since getting some "work done'.
This weekend I plan on teaching her to pick and carry things as I used a "find it" and "take it" cue to get Indigo to stop barking with great success. So a change of the routines and rules should also help. We shall also officially begin the Relaxation Protocol.
Fun fun and Good Girl Paris for being so enthusiastic to work adn learn and understand what is an appropriate inside voice.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Paris's Barking Behavior Modification Program

I decided to follow a friend and blog my progress on my girl Paris. She has developed a wild and frankly obnoxious barking. We will begin using the Relaxation Protocol from Karen Overall's book Clinical Behavioral Medicine for Small Animals to start.
Today when I got back from a state certified payroll training, I took her for a walk and we worked on clicker awareness and leash manners in exciting situations. She had that down, when her leash got tight she would turn around and reorient to me, sometimes sitting other times just looking at me awaiting her click -- treat. Sometimes the click was good enough and she was back walking and sniffing.
I am sure due to lack of "work" due to her PCL surgery followed by my back surgery she is going nuts, so we are about to embark on our journey of behavior mod!
Wish us luck...