Monday, February 1, 2010

The Paris Project

I decided to catch a glimpse of Paris during her barking spell, so armed myself with my digital camera and stepped into the hall--that narrow walk way that amplifies Paris's crazed barking--camera at the ready. Paris just sat at the end of the hallway looking at me, looking around and them back to watching me, watching her.
What a dog!
To help with the door dashing crazies that have been growing, I now come into the house fully loaded with treats. The game is...he / she who sits gets treats, he/she who does not sit gets none. It is amazing how "peer pressure" can work-such that it is for a dog.
Not much on the Paris front, had a busy weekend so we did not actually work too much. Tomorrow we shall get back on track with our relaxation protocol and behavior shaping.
Paris for all her flaws is just the greatest treasure...