Thursday, June 4, 2009


I almost forgot. Last night I began teaching Paris to "touch" my hand. I was using her as "model" in class. She had not done it as of the class so was planning on showing everyone how to shape this behavior. The second I extended my open hand Paris reached out with her little muzzle and tapped my hand with her right on! Click, treat. Hand again, yes "touch" click --treat! Paris is going to be a dream to train as she catches on quickly and likes the game of "being a good girl". She eats up praise as well as treats which is great for our no more obnoxious barking.

The AHA Moment!

I walked in the house today with my clicker in hand, timing is as Paris began to bark but was not too frantic yet, I gave a click and said good...she shut up and came and sat giving PERFECT eye contact! She has done remarkably well I must say! I am totally impressed with her "debarking" sessions and turn around.
Now to begin more fun stuff! We will be beginning agility and Rally training...oh my~

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Paris' Big Night in Class

I have been working with Paris on some relaxation exercises and trying to get her to just focus herself instead of mindless barking. I have also been working on really catching her being quiet and have noticed the amount and intensity of her barking have gone down.
Sunday we added some stock time and allowed Paris to work sheep for awhile, which helped with her frustration level from inactivity. Her PCL surgery seems to be holding up and I did not notice any signs she was in pain or having issues with her knee.
Tonight she joined my behavior modification class and we worked on focus, targeting, settle mat, no attention for barking at other dogs, lots of attention for attention on me. She did outstanding and really enjoys working.
I plan on posting our Relaxation Protocol notes soon.
I am happy to say Paris should do well with her barking rehab!