Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Skill Set Training

In order to better serve my clients I have begun a new training system. I have done away with formal class sessions and have gone to an "open gym" set up with times available. Each time slot is dedicated to a set of "skills" that are worked on at that time. Owner's pay for 4 sessions of time and can use them at any time, thereby losing nothing if they cannot make it one week. The team remains at a skill set level until ready to move on (based on my recommendation) to the next one. The goal is to create a team with proficient behavior management skills without overflowing the learning bucket with too many things at one time.

The huge difference in the relaxation and calm of the owner's is fantastic as the element of "competition" has been removed. No more trying to "keep up with the Jones' " as everyone is on a level playing field in each session.

The huge difference in the behavior of the dogs is also incredible as they are allowed to master only a few behaviors at a time vs trying to get a host of them under control in a short time frame (6-10 week class). Dogs are allowed to repeat exercises with a good amount of success in the learning process as they are only mastering a few easy to attain skills. (Easy because they have the needed time to deal with them, with dogs of like skill level.

This makes for a much calmer class, where owners are getting what they need out of the program without being rushed or held back by the students around them.

I shall start tracking the progress of individual dogs -- named by XYZ to allow the innocent to remain nameless!

Check back....

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