Thursday, January 28, 2010

101 Things to Do With A Box

Paris is a quick study and so fun to do shaping with. She learned quickly to place only her front feet on a small box. Our ultimate goal is to have her walk around the box with her front feet on the box.
After having great success in the feet on I stopped reinforcing the behavior in hopes of getting her to move around the box, what I got instead was a good glimpse of Paris's creative mind.
She offered me the following behaviors in hope of a click treat!
She placed her back feet on the box
She placed one back foot then the other back foot on the box
She stood with all four feet on the box (which had her balancing)
She sat on the box with all of her butt and feet on the box
She sat on the box with her feet on the floor in front of her
She put on front foot on
She put a front and a back foot on the box...
She tried to no avail to get that click treat.
Finally I moved a wee bit while her front feet were on the box and she moved with me, keeping her front feet on the box so I of coure gave her the +R she so wanted.
After 15 minutes of working (and entertaining me) Paris was able to move about 1/4 of the way around the box.
Always a project my Paris!

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